ESMINT (European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy) and its Foundation (European Foundation of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy) have been established in order to promote the benefits of minimally invasive neurological therapies in Europe through education, training and support for high quality scientific research.

ESMINT perceives itself as an interdisciplinary society addressing medical practioners and scientists working in the field of neuroradiology, interventional neuroradiology, neurointerventional surgery, endovascular neurosurgery and vascular neurology.

ESMINT encourages and supports medical practitioners and scientists of these fields working to develop and improve minimally invasive methods for the interventional treatment of neurological diseases. These methods will naturally evolve and currently involve the use of image guidance and highly specialized medical devices such as endovascular catheters to perform treatments with minimum associated trauma.

ESMINT consists of individuals and groups of members working or training in geographical Europe in the field of minimally invasive neurological therapy. The members will determine the organisational structure of the society and they will be expected to aspire to the highest standards of ethical and scientific medical practice.

ESMINT and its Foundation promote the safe application of such techniques and their practice by suitably trained and competent practitioners throughout Europe. ESMINT encourages the setting of international standards for practice and research and encourages their use and appropriate implementation.

The ESMINT Executive Board 09/2018-09/2020:

President: Patrick Brouwer, Stockholm/SE
General Secretary: Jens Fiehler, Hamburg/DE
Treasurer: Zsolt Kulcsar, Zurich/CH

More information about the ESMINT Executive Committee on our People Section.