Mike Iliopoulos

Mr Mike Iliopoulos
Executive Director

Mike Iliopoulos holds a diploma in Foundation Management from the University of Fribourg.

Mike was IT Consultant at DWC AG (Zurich, CH) and CEO of Sodatec S.A. (Havana, CV). For the past five years, he has acted as CTO of IT at SCSM AG. During this period, he organised over 25 Congresses. In the transition phase of moving SCSM AG to MCI, Mike was responsible for the M&A and operational excellence in client liaisons. He managed the Institutional Division of the Zurich Team of MCI for 8 years and was Director of the Zurich office for 2 years. He founds Twister Consulting AG in Zurich, Switzerland which is spezialied in Society and Foundation Management. Twister Consulting Ltd. has the mandate to manage the ESMINT Society.

Expert Knowledge:

Congress / Association / Foundation Management

Overall IT Matters for Congresses and Associations, and Registrations-Abstract systems. Medtech and Eucomed Trusted Partner. 

Institutional Clients and Roles:

IT Infrastructure: CIRSE Meetings, 2001-2005
IT Infrastructure: Union Congress of Surgery, 2003
Administrative Director: IDKD (International Diagnostic Course Davos), 2005-2007
Executive Director: ESMINT, 2009-present (Advisor during the Foundation period)
Executive Director: Congress of the Swiss Society of Radiology, 2005-2012
Congress Organiser: Swiss Society of Nephrology, 2003–2012
Administrative Director: Fragility Fracture Network, 2009-2012
Advisor: Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management, 2010-2014
Advisor: European Society for Derma-Oncology, 2011- 2014
Board Member of the Swiss Neuro Foundation 2013-2018
Executive Director of EFMINT
Administrative Director; International Society of Surgery, 2016-present 
Executive Director EBNI