Teaching the INR Curriculum – ECMINT 1.2

The second event in the European Course in Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy (ECMINT) teaching series took place last month in Oxford.

The theme was Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms and the 4-day residential course included teaching of generic principle common to all forms of minimally therapies and particularly to endovascular treatments. Dr Shelley Renowden {Chairman of ESMINT Education Committee} directed and Alison Clarke was in charge of the local organization.

Forty-nine students participated. They completed a series of formative and summative tests. The end-of-course examination was, for the first time, completed on-line with the assistance of the Swedish company, Orzone AB, of Gothenburg under the supervision of the ESMINT Accreditation Committee Chairman, Prof. Tommy Andersson. The event attached 20 EACCME credits and 26 RCR class1 CME credits.

Some comments:

“It has been a great pleasure taking part in ECMINT 1.2 and once again I would like to extend my appreciation to you, Prof. Byrne, Dr. Renowden and the rest of the course organisation team/tutors for a wonderful job done. I look forward to taking part in ECMINT 1.3 in December”

Dear Alison, The course was amazing, the professors were awesome and you were unbeliavable for the degree of implication, so many thanks and I hope you'll have the most wonderful 5 months until December!”


Details of ECMINT 1.3 {themed on treatments for STROKE}, will be published next month with registration for returning students opening in early August and for new registrations in early September.

ESMINT is grateful to the following organisations for financial assistant to support the ECMINT program: BALT, Blockade Medical, Codman, Covidien, MicroVention, Neuravi, Penumbra, Sequent Medical.

ESMINT President, Professor Istvan Szikora answering a delegate's question.

A Tutor clearing up a technical point.

Professor Laurent Pierot with his tutorial group.