ESMINT Congress 2015 - Brief Report

Dear ESMINT member and friends,

We are happy to announce that the 7th ESMINT Congress was held in Nice on September 10-12, 2015 and attracted more than 700 participants from around the world. Many interesting topics were addressed ranging from the current ischemic stroke studies to the treatment of aneurysms and AVM’s.
The first day was organized in collaboration with the EANS and nicely showed the multidisciplinary character of our field. The Friday morning, which was organized in collaboration with the ESO, gave a nice overview of the current debate in the field of ischemic stroke and the effect on the Standards of Practice. During this session, the ESMINT issued a statement regarding the Standards of Practice.
A highlight of the Congress was the Honorary Membership of Andy Molyneux and his acceptance speech, which was a clear illustration of the work he has done and of his importance in this field. 
The 8th ESMINT Congress will be held in Nice on September 8-10, 2016 and will be hosted by Jens Fiehler.
Patrick A. Brouwer, President of the 7th ESMINT Congress