ESMINT Congress 2014

18 CME Credits


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CME Credits

The 6th ESMINT Congress (Nice, France, 4.–6.09.2014) was granted 18 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

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Main Topics

  • MCA aneurysms: surgery or embolization?
  • How to improve management of stroke patients?
  • Flow disruption: results of studies and future?
  • Dural fistulas: arterial or venous approach?
  • Brain AVMs: techniques to improve embolization results?
  • Unruptured brain AVMs: to treat or not to treat?
  • Delayed intraparenchymal hematoma after flow diverters
  • Delayed neurological deficit after SAH: management

ESMINT Congress 2014 Committees

President of the ESMINT Congress

Laurent Pierot, France  

Vice-President of the ESMINT Congress

Christophe Cognard, France  

Past President of the ESMINT Congress

Istvan Szikora, Hungary  

Scientific Committee of the ESMINT Congress

Patrick A. Brouwer, Netherlands (ESMINT)  
Christophe Cognard, France (ESMINT)
Andreas Grüber, Austria (ESMINT/EANS)  
Patrik Michel, Switzerland (ESO)  
Laurent Pierot, France, (ESMINT)
Laurent Spelle, France (ESMINT)  
Istvan Szikora, Hungary (ESMINT)
Peter Vajkoczy, Germany (EANS)