Building the future of ESMINT

Dear Colleagues, Friends, dear Members of the Society,

Five years have passed since the inauguration of our Society. During this period, we grew from 100 to over 500 members, and have just completed a hugely successful Annual Congress, with 631 registered participants. According to our mission, we managed to establish a strong and still growing cooperation with the neurosurgical and neurological communities in Europe. Our Website is active and providing a worldwide unique service in the form of the Device Directory. With all of these achievements, ESMINT is now likely the most influential organization of neurointerventionists in Europe.

The most significant recent milestone is the launch of ESMINT’s curriculum based, structured training in neurointerventional therapy. The first ECMINT course will be held in Oxford this coming December, organized by the ESMINT Educational Committee (Chaired by Dr. Shelley Renowden) and directed by Prof. James Byrne. It will be the only training activity organized by ESMINT. Unique in Europe, our Society will be able to teach all of the basic knowledge needed for neurointerventions and we plan to provide a UEMS approved European diploma to attendees who successfully complete the assessments which form part of the 4 courses in this 2 years cycle. The organizers of the previous ESMINT teaching courses will continue an advanced course, ANIC in Barcelona.

The primary aim of the newly elected Executive Committee (ExCom) is to continue to strengthening the impact of our Society on the practice of minimally invasive neurological therapy in Europe. This is of outmost importance these years with interventional treatment of ischemic stroke quickly becoming a routine practice. Not surprisingly, the new technology is spreading more quickly as the numbers of trained personnel grows. It is our responsibility now to preserve the leadership of highly trained neurointerventionists in this field. The only way to do that is to take the lead in training and the commissioning of clear guidelines, both of which is now on the way. The ExCom will continue its work in the other territories that we were involved in the past. I would like to strongly encourage all of you to contribute to the ExCom’s activities according to your personal capacity and interest. You can do that easily by contacting the chairpersons of the respective Committee.

On behalf of the new Executive Board, I would like to thank you very much for all your contributions in previous years, particularly to the members of the previous Executive Committee and specifically to the retiring Executive Board members; Professors Christophe Cognard and Isabel Wanke.

Wishing you great success and satisfaction in working with the ESMINT community,

Sincerely yours,

Istvan Szikora

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